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High Field MRI

Why would you have an MRI?
MRI High Field Orlando FL

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging – uses a strong magnetic field, radio frequencies and a computer to produce precise images of the body's internal tissues, organs, blood vessels and bones without radiation. At UDI, we use MRI for discovery of conditions and diseases of the brain, spine, knee, shoulders, kidney, liver, heart and circulatory system. MRI generates an infinite number of highly detailed images of the body that appear as small, high-resolution sections of the anatomy. The technology enables your physician to diagnose the cause of many symptoms including aneurysms, carotid arteries, rotator cuff tears, torn ligaments, disk herniation, and normal degeneration.

What can I expect during the MRI exam?

The MRI scanner is a square-shaped machine with a round opening that runs through the middle. Your UDI technologist will position you on a comfortable, padded table that moves into the opening, where the magnet does the actual scanning. The technologist will position your body part to be scanned and ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed. During your MRI, electromagnetic waves pass through the body, which sends tiny radio waves back to a computer recorder. Each cell in the body has its own radio frequency signal and the computer distinguishes between them, creating an image of the body, one section of anatomy at a time. You will not feel anything; however you will hear various patterns of knocking and banging sounds. This is the magnet working and it is completely normal. MRI studies are performed in a series with short breaks of time in between. During the MRI study, you will be closely monitored by a technologist through an observation window; the technologist will communicate with you using an intercom to ensure you comfortable and explain each step of the exam. You will not see very much. You may feel a slight vibration or warmth (some patients fall asleep during their MRI scan). All that is required of you is to be as still as possible during the exam. If at any point you become uncomfortable during the scan, you can alert the technologist by simply squeezing the ball in your hand. Dependent on the type of MRI you having and the number of images needed, each series of the scan will last between 20-45 minutes. During this time, you can listen to your favorite music on special headphones to help you relax. And you can take comfort knowing a radiologist is on-site and available for consultation at any time.

How Will I Learn About The Results Of My MRI Scan?

At UDI, a board-certified radiologist, Dr. George Stanley and his associates , will interpret your scan promptly. He will interpret the findings and a report will be sent to your physician who requested the MRI. Your physician will then share the results of the study with you.

Can Anyone Have An MRI?

There are some conditions that are not conducive to high-field MRI. Our staff will speak with you when you you’re your appointment and make sure you do not have any of these conditions, which may include:

  • History of a heart pacemaker
  • History of artificial heart valve
  • Severe claustrophobia ( if you are claustrophobic, an Open MRI is a better choice for you)
  • To schedule your MRI appointment or have any questions, please call us at 407-975-3315




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